Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that arise. May you still have issues not answered here, mail us here.

Products Sections

As a first time customer on this site, there are ways you can get your desired product. These include:

+ Go through the products from the shop page. This shows all available products.
+ Click on the search button, input the name of the product you need. It will bring out all such products available. For example, you need ‘phone’, just input the word ‘phone’.
+ You can use the category to get your product. Click on the category of the product you need. For example, you need a supplement. just click on :‘herbal and medicine’ or ‘food, health and beauty’.

You may not to sign up to browse or pick the product of your choice. You only need to sign up when you get to ‘cart’ or checkout.
You need to sign up or login there (as a returning customer), as we need your details of who paid what? and for what purpose? etc.  

When you see the product of your choice, look at the varieties. Prices of product varieties differs. 
Product varies as producer, country of origin, quality, size, functionality etc. These varieties make prices not to be the same. Click on the product variation and see the price and specification for that variation.

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After you have gotten a product and have choosed a particular one. The next thing is any one of the three steps:
1. Add to CART: This is good when you want to add more producta and pay bat once. Or you want to gather the products there for little period before paying. 
Note: Goods in cart can be emptied after certain periods of time.

2. Add to WISH: This is like ‘add to cart’.

3. You may also see a button ‘Pay now‘. Clicking on that button will directly take you to the check out page, where you pay instantly.

When you Get to the wish or cart page, you still need to move to ‘check out‘ page. 
Cart Page: In the cart page, you can either move back to ‘continue shopping‘. or you move to check out page. You can also reduce your payment with a discount by applying a coupon. Click here to get a couple. 
Then, click on ‘Proceed to checkout‘ to make your payment.

One of the frequently asked questions (faq) is can i see mode of payment in my currency?

Yes, you can. There are three major ways of doing that.

1. If you wish to spend dollar, you can do that through paypal, debit card or credit card.
If you like to use another currency, you can also do that as long as you can use your debit or credit card.

2. If you are in Nigeria and like to spend Naira, Paystack is your best bet.

With paystack, you can use:
a. Debit card of any card
b. Internet banking platform (from the paystack page)
c. USSD of some banks.

3. The third method is direct transfer to our bank account. 

You choose any of the three methods in the check out page. 

Also in the check out, you need to fill your billing details. this includes name, address, email and phone number.

then, click on ‘place Order’