We welcome all our Affiliate Marketers and  Super Marketers to their affiliate area to ‘Money Making Corner Room’. The amount of money you make depends on your level of commitment. 

There are two ways of making money from this section. The good news is that you can participate in the two.

We have the Affiliate and Super Marketers.

An Affiliate shares the product links via websites/blogs, write reviews, write article about us/products or share via social media. All the above are done  with their affiliate links. Such person now continue to earn from the referral effort as long as those customers continue to buy. Read more about affiliate marketer.

Super Makerters on the other hand buys one or more of our products to resell at his/her own will price. He/she own all the profit. The most amazing part is that, the goods shall be sold to you at Sales or Return. Meaning, after you buy the products, and sell, any unsold goods shall be bought back by us. Read more about our policy

Below is the Registration and login portal of affiliate marketer, as well as dashboard (affiliate area) showing all the necessaries. Super Marketer should sign up here.