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    You, our Affiliate Marketers will be able to sell to any customer from any part of the world. No matter which country you are, and no matter which country they are. The advantages in this are:

    (i) higher sales returns as you can now sell to citizens of countries with Higher purchasing power (better economy). They have the money and willingness to buy; hence ready to buy when you reach them.

    (ii) Better and wider coverage compared to being limited to only few countries.

    (iii) You can have your percentage (%) profit margins in hard currency ($) thereby increasing your income with the same effort. Though you will still be paid in your own local currency also (we calculate base on current currency rate from dollar to your country’s country).

    The platform also have language picker which allows people from other speaking languages to buy through your link also.

    People can also buy with their local currency in their country of residence.

    Secondly, In addition to earning from clicks, you also earn from impression generated through your website/blog. Whao! That is fantastic, such a double stream of income.

    Thirdly, We now have many more channels of products. These include:

    – physical products

    – digital and download products.

    Others are:

    – Trainings and courses

    – and others.

    So, no matter your area of interest, you always have goods to market. My dear brother and sister, all these increase your potentialities of earning more.

    Furthermore, we have also increased our marketing base by introducing what we call ‘Super Marketer’. You as an affiliate marketer can also benefit as a super marketer. Login to your dashboard to learn more about super marketer. This gives you an edge over marketers of other companies.

    The last but not the least, is the opportunity opened for people to own a store and sell goods in on our site. More store vendors mean more potential for you to earn more.

    Congratulation to you and every one of us on all these new development. Other new developments will be announced soon in few weeks time.

    Next line of action from you:
    1. After you sign up, you need to whitelist our email address ( This arises so that messages from us can get to you direct instead of being to the Spam folder.

    2. Login to your dashboard:, to take the necessary steps. For you to login, your login details (email and password) have been sent to the email you provided while signing up. Check the inbox and the spam folder.

    Lastly, start the campaign, copy the codes and place them on your websites/blogs as well as on social media and other good places. We constantly are creating marketing tips to help you succeed. (Check our educative post on how to do these)

    We shall continuously give you the background support to succeed. More progress report shall be sent to the ‘affiliate tool’ page or to your mail.

    Edit your profile: Once you login, edit your profile. This is another important aspect, including inputting choice of receiving payment from us.

    We are glad we have you as a success partner.

    From LG Web Concept (Mou Cart)