Affiliates working tools on website

Below are tools to help you as websites website moucart online store affiliates succeed in your promotional work.

How to get your links:
1. Affiliate links are links that show your effort. Customers that come with your link, makes your reward. To get your link, login to your dashboard. Look for strings in the Referral Link column, it looks like:

2. On your dashboard, there are text and banner messages of different types. These ads have been customised. Copy any of them to paste on your website or blog as well as share of social media. They all carry your link. 

Where do Affiliate Marketers use their tools?

Successful affiliate marketers worldwide see their link as their tools and they use them wisely and expeditiously.

1.  Paste on website/blog: Ads are shown on websites/blogs with the use of banner and or text messages link. They are rewarded based on sales made, clicks generated or impressions.

2. Paste on Social media: Many people make thousands of friends on social media (facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, etc) without making use of them to make money. Create powerful message or message with image and include the link that has your referral code. Then, start making money.

3. Use Others websites:  There are so many free and paid fora (plural of forum), advert sites, placement sites, etc where you can always send your postings with your link.

Here are few of them:

1. (A forum site)

more will be provided soon.

So, dear Affiliate marketers, let’s take our tools and get to earning. We shall continue to give you more support, even in terms of training.